Weimar Institute has been dedicated to improving people’s total health and well-being since it first began in 1978. One of our early guests synthesized God’s principles for total wellness into our now famous NEWSTART acronym, which is the foundation of all our health work.

The NEWSTART Lifestyle Program offers 18 and 11-day live-in programs that teach guests how to reverse a variety of lifestyle related diseases through natural means. Our scientifically-supported program has helped more than 11,500 people attain better health and it can do the same for you today!

Our Reversing Diabetes seminars teach the NEWSTART principles in easily accessible three-day weekends. Click here to learn how you can attend the next one and put your diabetes to flight!

The NEWSTART® Lifestyle Club offers an abundance of free resources for web browsers seeking credible, reliable, up-to-date health information along with listings of community seminars and events, a physician directory, wellness tips and tools, and more.

Our newly updated Conference Center / Weimar Inn hosts specialized Power NEWSTART programs, Depression Recovery programs, and is available for group and individual reservations. Contact us today to learn about our upcoming programs or book your reservation.

Weimar Market sells a wonderful array of health and spiritual books, health foods used in NEWSTART recipes, and unique Weimar products.