2019 Philippines Mission Trip

2019  Philippines Mission Trip

Dear Friend,

This May, Weimar College is trying to make our world a little better place. On May 5th, we will be heading to the ICC Orphanage in Barangay on the island of Luzon in the Philippines about four hours north of Manila. During our two weeks there, we will be sponsoring and participating in a number of humanitarian efforts to help bring healing to a hurting world.

The Need

The needs in the Philippines are many, but here are a few of the most pressing challenges they face:

  • In the Barangay area, the average salary is $5/day. Imagine how long you’d have to work just to pay your weekly grocery bill. Additionally, according to the World Health Organization, 20% of people in the Philippines make less than $1/day (apps.who.int/nutrition/landscape/report.aspx?iso=phl).
  • “Under-nutrition in the Philippines remains a serious problem. The damage to health, physical growth and brain development of children affected by chronic under-nutrition—stunting in the first two years—is often irreversible, impairing them for life and leaving them with lower chances of finishing school and becoming highly-productive adults. Stunting, iron and iodine deficiencies impact learning abilities and intelligence of children. Studies show that populations affected by iodine deficiency have 10 – 15 IQ points less than those not affected.” –UNICEF (https://www.unicef.org/philippines/health_nutrition.html)

The Plan

There are two “family homes” that are currently caring for the orphaned children. The house parents work very hard to provide a stable, Adventist upbringing for these children. Attached to the orphanage is the elementary school (K-6). There are 50 students currently attending. It provides the education for the orphanage residents, but also for the local community kids. The elementary school also serves and ministers to the local community with about 90% of the students are Catholic, some Born Again Christians, and Church of Christ. Because of the financial losses all the staff are currently serving for no salary, they are just pinching in to come up with funds to feed the children each week. The team is so dedicated!

During this trip, Weimar College will have the opportunity to serve in a variety of ways to meet the varying needs of the community:

1. Working with the orphan children and families
2. Children’s health expo and programs
3. Public health education and free reading glasses clinics
4. Livelihood classes for the youth on campus (teaching trades that they can earn money, such as creating arts and crafts or other industries)
5. Sharing the Gospel through evangelistic meetings
6. Ministering to the local Adventist Elementary and Academy
7. Visiting and ministering to the local government officials
8. Manual labor projects on the campus
9. Possibly free medical/dental clinics in partnership with Manila Adventist Medical Center and/or with Basa Air Force Base

The Conclusion

The needs are great at the Orphanage and in the surrounding Barangay communities, but so are the opportunities to make a difference! That is why our team is partnering with the ICC orphanage to help hurting people and spread the Good News about Jesus and His second coming.

Friend, would you pray about helping us reach our goal?

For those who wish to donate online, donations can be made by visiting weimar.edu/philippines. Or, to mail in a donation, make the check out to Weimar College and send it to the following:

Weimar College
PO Box 530
Weimar, CA 95736
Attn: Philippines Mission Trip

Donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for considering helping us to heal a hurting world.