Nursing Department Faculty

Full & Part-time Positions Available in: Medical-Surgical, Maternal/Child, Mental Health, and Geriatrics for the new Associate Degree RN program, approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing September 2014. Positions start June 2015.

Department: Nursing
Job Title: Instructor
Reports to: Chair of the Nursing Department


(1) A master’s or higher from an accredited college or university, which includes coursework in nursing, education, or administration.

(2) Direct patient care experience within the previous five (5) years in the nursing area to which he or she is assigned, which can be met by:

  • (A) One (1) year’s continuous, full time or its equivalent experience providing direct patient care as a registered nurse in the designated nursing area; or
  • (B) One (1) academic year or of registered nurse level clinical teaching experience in the designated nursing area or its equivalent that demonstrate clinical competency.

(3) Completion of at least one (1) year’s experience teaching courses related to registered nursing or completion of a post-baccalaureate course, which includes practice in teaching registered nursing.


A love of learning and the ability to communicate effectively. The Instructor must be a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and must hold an understanding of the unique educational mission of the Institute, using revelation as expressed in the Bible as the basic framework from which all subject matters are presented and evaluated.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Instructor will be required to satisfy the Board of Registered Nursing’s “expert” standards for the area of nursing emphasized in the course. The Instructor will be a coordinator for the overall instruction in the theory, laboratory, and clinical components of the courses.

The Instructor will also function as a content expert and will be responsible for the overall educational content of the specialty nursing areas: Medical-Surgical, Maternal/Child, Mental Health/Psychiatric, and Geriatric nursing.

The Instructor will collaborate with the other Instructors in the assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, and revision of course content and course instruction.

Date Posted: September 30, 2014