NEWSTART Nutritionist / Dietician

Job Title: NEWSTART Nutritionist / Dietician
Department: NEWSTART
Supervisor: NEWSTART Director

Job Description: Provides nutritional counsel and devises eating plans based on the science of nutrition. Works closely with the Hostess and Cafeteria in ensuring quality nutrition throughout the Program. Assists in developing and managing the nutritional aspects of the Program.

List of Major Responsibilities:

  • Engages with Guests and assesses their nutritional needs.
  • Develops diets that Guests are able to adopt into their daily lives.
  • Determines appropriate dietary modifications needed to promote health or treat disease and formulate an appropriate treatment plan.
  • Helps Guests achieve their dietary goals through good nutritional practices.
  • Maintains and advances professional knowledge and keeping up with technical and clinical progress in order to offer Guests the best treatment available.
  • Formulates practical dietetics advice and resources by interpreting, translating and evaluating relevant information from a variety of reputable sources.
  • Lectures regarding nutrition, meal planning, eating out at restaurants and dining at various social occasions.
  • As time allows, works with local community groups to encourage healthy eating, and to improve cooking skills.
  • Participates in Staff Updates, providing valuable feedback to aid Guest’s plan of care.
  • Communicates regularly with the Program Coordinator regarding department needs and/or improvements.
  • Provides occasional nutritional support to staff and other programs on campus.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned. Eg: Transportation, Walking, Banquet, Assisting in and/or presenting for the cooking school, etc.

Required Training and Experience: Bachelors degree preferred.

Hours Required: 8/hrs day during session, variable hours between sessions.

Misc. Requirements: Should demonstrate compliance with NEWSTART principles.

Date Posted: August 21, 2014