Like motivated students everywhere, students at Weimar College and Academy work hard to learn science, math, writing and history. But our students also gain something far more important – a personal knowledge of God.

Our goal is to use God’s methods of education to equip our students for useful service in God’s work. To do this we have distilled the inspired principles of education into our guiding “Core of Four”:

  1. Excellent Academics
  2. Evangelistic Emphasis
  3. Health Education
  4. Practical Training

The “Core of Four” ensures our carefully-selected faculty encourage students to do their academic best. It motivates our students to attain total wellness and learn how to help others be truly healthy. It inspires our weekly outreaches and yearly mission trips. And it is the foundation of our newly developed Practical Application Component program (PAC), worked into each school year, which give students an opportunity to turn their theoretical knowledge into practical skills.