The Choice

Convocation, June 4–8, 2013


What should I eat? Should I wear this? What do I listen to? Should I watch this? What church will I attend? Does it really matter?

We live in a world of different options and conflicting opinions. Where ever you look, at the store, on the internet, at church, you are faced with many choices.

Ever wonder how you decide which choice to make? Ever wonder what would happen if you made a different choice? If you have, our inspiring convocation is for you. Here you will learn how the mind works and discover secrets from the science of making choices. You will find out how your choices affect yourself and those around you. You will also gain a new perspective on the extreme choice Christ made on your behalf. So choose to come! It’s a choice worth making.  

Make your CHOICE today!

Speakers include:

  • Louis Torres
  • Christian Berdahl
  • Chidi Ngwaba
  • Brian McMahon

Lodging Prices

Children 12 and under stay free in Dorms, Inn, and Lodge as long as they are in the same room as the parent, but no mattress or linens will be provided.

Dorm Rooms – $15/night – per Adult
Tent Sites – $15/night
RV Sites – $15/night
Weimar Inn – $75/night – 2 Adults
NEWSTART Lodge – $75/night – 2 Adults

Meal Prices

Adult meals are $9.75/meal in the packages and $12 if bought individually.
Children (ages 3-8) meals are $5.15/meal in the packages and $6 if bought individually.

Special Health Track

Includes Comprehensive Health Evaluation, a special 6-lecture series, cooking demonstrations, morning exercise, and optional hydro
(prices will be in addition to the $10 processing fee and will vary)

Hydro/Massage $75 (optional)

You can choose one of the three options:

  • 60 minute massage
  • 30 minute whirlpool + 30 minute massage
  • 30 minute contrast shower + 30 minute massage

Blood Test (optional) $10 processing fee

Here are the tests you can choose from.

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • PSA
  • Basic Screening Panel

Children’s Program

The children’s program is for children between 4 and 12 years old.

Our theme this year is “Train Your Brain”. The goal of this program is to make clear to the children that the greatest battle in this world is over them and it involves their brain. They need to be aware of this constant battle and know that they can make decisions each day that will aid them in overcoming the assaults of Satan. Our brain is the core of who we are, it is through it that we are created in God’s image, and we have a part to play in how it is used. We are invited in Philippians 2:5 to ‘let this mind be in you which is in Jesus.’ It is up to each one, even little children to guard well their senses which are avenues of the soul and brain to be sanctified. We look forward to teaching children how to make lifestyle choices, monitor their senses, worship God and develop characters fit for heaven!

During the morning and afternoon the children will be divided into groups by age, rotating to the NEWSTART kitchen, farm, lawn and classrooms, to work on cooking, gardening, fitness, crafts, science activities, health lessons, music and more! Please make sure your child(ren) have on good walking shoes, sun screen, and a hat (if needed). All children are invited to join their family for the main adult evening program.

Our staff is a dedicated group who have put a great deal of love and effort into providing a fun learning situation for your child. Please honor their work by delivering and picking up your children on time at the designated meeting area. Thank you so much! We look forward to seeing you this year.