Weimar History

Seeing our name, Weimar, you probably thought it was pronounced “Wymar”. The truth is that rather than being a German name, it is derived from that of Native American Chief Weemah.

What is now Weimar Center of Health & Education—a health and Christian education facility—originally opened in 1919 as a small tuberculosis sanitarium. Government officials formed a consortium of six central California counties in 1917 and chose Weimar, California, as one of five ideal locations in the United States for recovery from the respiratory disease. Located at 2,200’ elevation in the Sierra Nevada foothills, the sanatorium grew to a large hospital supported by 15 counties. The institution changed in 1957 to the Weimar Chest Center, treating other pulmonary diseases.

In 1960 it was renamed Weimar Medical Center. The facility later developed into a general community hospital in 1966, but closed in 1972 due to financial cuts by the state and counties. The property changed hands several times, and in 1975 the institution became Hope Village, a temporary relocation center for Vietnamese refugees.

In May of 1977, a small group of Seventh-day Adventists purchased the 457 acres after a series of remarkable events opened the way. Property owners cooperated as the deposit and purchase price were miraculously lowered. Donations and talented helpers seemed drawn toward this project that was apparently meant to be.

Progress Since 1978

As a nonprofit organization, Weimar Institute of Health & Education began fulfilling its mission to serve the needs of others in health improvement and quality education.

Since the first NEWSTART® Lifestyle Program in 1978, thousands of patients have enjoyed a new lifestyle and many victories over heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, arthritis, excess weight, and stress. NEWSTART® remedies include Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust in God. The results are often dramatic.

Physicians at the NEWSTART® Medical Clinic carefully monitor patients’ progress throughout each 18-day program. The results are encouraging: nearly 30% of all hypertensives are able to get off medications and return to normal blood pressure, many of those suffering from diabetic neuropathy report total relief from pain, and patients have shown as much as a 21.6% drop in cholesterol.

With the opening of Weimar College in 1978, and Weimar Academy in 1981, a cooperative relationship was established which supplies the NEWSTART® Lifestyle Program with valuable student helpers who gain practical training and experience.

Weimar College is a private Christian College currently offering Pastoral Ministry, Massage / Hydrotherapy, pre-nursing, and pre-medicine. Students receive a well rounded educational experience that includes worship, witness, study and meaningful labor.

Students at Weimar Academy, a private four-year Christian boarding high school, participate in a similar program of balanced work and study for a quality education. Campus industries include the NEWSTART® Bakery, the Weimar Market, an order fulfillment department, Weimar Country Gardens, Weimar Inn, and Weimar Country Cafeteria. All of the services plus nearly 450 acres with walking trails are open to the public. Tours of the facility can be arranged.


International interest in the positive results of Weimar’s health programs have attracted scientists such as T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., of Cornell University. He authored The China Diet Study, the world’s foremost report on diet, lifestyle and longevity, and took time for a personal visit to Weimar.

Professional observers from Europe, the Far East, the Middle East, South America, Africa, and the South Pacific have attended Weimar, and are adapting the NEWSTART® Lifestyle Program in their own countries. Some Weimar students help develop these programs while others choose domestic opportunities of service. Weimar Center of Health & Education continues to find new doors opening to teach and heal those in need.